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internet marketing strategiesIn this article, I explain how the web can be used as a creative tool and not just something that gives you access to cat videos.

The web is useful for many amazing things, but perhaps you didn’t realise how powerful it could be as a tool for creation.

Many of us tend to think of the web as something to be consumed – full of content that you can read, watch or listen to; but in fact it is also full of tools that enable us to create incredible things both online and in the real world. Continue reading

New Data Center

Whether you wish to access the World Wide Web for business or for personal purposes, your ultimate goal is to end up with an Internet Service Provider that can provide you with reliable Internet speed and unparalleled customer service.

Unfortunately, too many consumers end up signing with a bad provider and that because of these reasons:

Relying on Popularity Rather Than Reliability

Not all ISPs are equal and the fact that some are more popular than others is proof of that. However, not just because a company is popular does not mean they are the best in the industry. In some cases, a company is popular among consumers simply because they are good at marketing. To be fair, most ISPs that are making a name are actually famous because of the quality service they offer. As a consumer, however, you wouldn’t want to entirely depend on this factor. Many consumers make this mistake and end up regretting their choice. Continue reading

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