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internet threatsInternet has always been the most important part of our day to day activities. Internet has become inevitable for every sphere of life, thus creating a space of comfort and saving a lot of time.

When Internet was under the initial phase of development, the designers did not anticipate that the network users would be the source of malware attacks and hence did not think of working on it to protect genuine users from the online frauds.

The vulnerability has become a permanent design flaw that has been found from the day the internet has come into existence. The failure was exploited by the bogus users destroying thousands of systems thereby bringing in a million dollar damage. Internet makers are thus responsible for such a design flaw causing such a vulnerability over the network. Continue reading

BitdefenderMac-computers are considered more secure than Windows. However, this does not mean that Mac users can avoid Internet threats.

A new tool from the company Bitdefender will help prevent potential attackers from Mac-system.

Announced product Bitdefender Mechanic is positioned as a complete solution for quick and safe operation on the Mac-devices. The application offers four main functions:

– minimum load memory by selectively running processes;
– application monitoring for vulnerabilities;
– a notice of the need to upgrade;
– the safety of confidential data by removing the browser’s memory of all personal information. Continue reading

Comodo Internet SecurityThe company announced a new version of Comodo Internet Security Premium product 2013 6.0, the popular set of tools to protect home computers from Internet threats.

The structure of the proposed package included a powerful modern anti-virus and free firewall. This versatile binder can reliably protect your computer from the latest and most neglected other malicious programs.

Restart your computer after installing the product, and Comodo Internet Security will immediately start to work. From now on you will be notified of any suspicious activity of installed programs, such as attempts to access the “online.” Computer owner can own mark known safe applications, which will be listed in the ‘white’ list.

The new package includes a modified version of the antivirus engine, which allows to detect threats and block them before the user’s system will be irreparably damaged. Many expensive operations are now carried out in the ‘cloud’, which ensures high application performance and more accurate detection of new threats. Cloud computing also apply to built-in behavioral analysis.

Users are provided with comprehensive control of applications running on a home PC. Enhanced “sandbox’ Virtual Kiosk lets you run many popular programs and open web sites in a safe isolated environment where they can not affect the system performance. A proposed locking mechanisms help reduce the risk of infection of your computer by giving other users access only to safe applications. Special mention deserves the function ‘Game Mode’. In the ‘gaming’ mode operation of games and other applications that are deployed on the screen, is not interrupted messaging antivirus. A virtual keyboard ensures effective protection against application-keyloggers that can intercept passwords and other sensitive information entered by the user. Continue reading

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