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google financeWe take a look at the keywords changed Google has introduced for developers who advertise via mobile apps.

By Alex Viall, Mustard IT

On the 31st March, Google announced the inclusion of new advertising options with their Google Display Network (GDN).

According to Google, the Display Network has an outreach of two million publisher websites, allowing advertising potential to not just be limited to mobile applications but to mobile websites as well. Continue reading

amazing marketing strategyIn this article we focus on the analysis of Internet Marketing Predictions In 2014.

There is no doubt that the Internet has dramatically and tremendously affected marketing strategies.

Now we are in the year 2014, it is very fitting to know some Internet marketing predictions that will dominate this coming 12 months. Looking back in 2013, we have seen how Internet marketing has shifted from outbound tactics to inbound tactics. Those websites that kept up with the trend has made more income compared to those who remained stagnant and resistant to change. Continue reading

Right SEO StrategiesHello dear readers, today we will continue with our topic about Search Engine Optimization and its role for a business website or a blog.

In this article by Henry H. Hernandez, you learn what kind of SEO will work best for your site and learn what to avoid.  (Our other articles on the topic of search engine optimization you can find here.)

If you own a business website or have a blog then you should be actively doing SEO to get traffic to your site. And not just traffic, but the “right” traffic. Continue reading

Search engine optimizationWith advancement in the field of internet, more and more people have become internet savvy. Web is the new route for online businesses.

Many companies have started their own web portals to get increased sales and profits.

Apparently, with prevailing cut throat competition in the internet market, it is important to create and maintain your business’s credibility and position in the industry. Continue reading

internet marketing strategiesIn this article, I explain how the web can be used as a creative tool and not just something that gives you access to cat videos.

The web is useful for many amazing things, but perhaps you didn’t realise how powerful it could be as a tool for creation.

Many of us tend to think of the web as something to be consumed – full of content that you can read, watch or listen to; but in fact it is also full of tools that enable us to create incredible things both online and in the real world. Continue reading

Video marketingVideo marketing has emerged as an uber-powerful lead generating tool. Tips to do it right.

Targeted leads are the lifeblood of any offline or online business venture.

Hungry prospects need what you have to offer and will gladly support your business and boost your sales by signing up for your list and following your action calls.

Persistently study the basics to learn how to create targeted leads. Attracting prospering customers might seem difficult at first but intelligently planning your video marketing campaign and persisting with that plan helps you attract the ideal customers. Continue reading

Local SEOLocal SEO is an essential part of a successful marketing strategy and it is important to learn the right way to use it.

Unfortunately there are a lot of businesses out there that are doing local SEO in all the wrong ways and this can really hinder their performance.

In order for you to avoid making the same mistakes here are some of the worst local SEO practices. Continue reading

Google SEO

This article takes a closer look at SEO outsourcing for your business.

This is a question that pretty much every business operating in this day and age will at some point along the way have to ask themselves. It’s no longer a case of debating whether or not you need SEO to get by – it’s a fundamental prerequisite for success. As such, the question that remains is that of whether you should outsource SEO services for the benefit of the company or whether it would be better to keep them in-house.

Well, the best approach is to ask yourself a series of relatively simple questions and determine what makes the most sense. So with this in mind, if you can answer ‘yes’ to one or more of the following, it’s largely guaranteed that you’ll be much better off if you choose to outsource SEO services sooner rather than later: Continue reading

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