Internet Census 2012Conducted a port scan of all IPv4-addresses using a botnet of the routers

The results of the ambitious project of Internet Census 2012, aimed at a complete scan of all ports for IPv4-addresses on the Internet.

Scanning is done from March to December 2012 with the use of a botnet, which was built on the basis of vulnerable routers. As a result, managed to collect the most comprehensive in the history of statistics on active hosts and distribution network ports on the Internet.

To download a complete archive is available to all the collected data (565 GB with compression ZPAQ, gzip archive is 1.5TB), a compilation of reports summary statistics on the distribution of services and a set of images with a visual representation of the address allocation by country and subnets. Particularly interesting visualization of changes in the IP access by time of day and an interactive map that allows you to use standard filters, and can be scaled for larger drill down to the selected providers subnets. Continue reading