U.S. hacker Kristian Erik Hermansen mailing list Noisebridge shared the experience of finding “under the hood” of U.S. intelligence services.

This is a rare but very valuable experience. Christian told what were the indicators of the ongoing effects of surveillance. At least, it was in his case.

For example, U.S. surveillance of the secret services carried out by means of so-called query NSL (National Security Letter) – without judicial procedures and queries to the prosecutor. Security services can start working any user at will, without any legal procedures, in accordance with the law of USA PATRIOT Act. A couple of days ago, a court declared unconstitutional NSL, and the powers of such documents for 90 days suspended, but may resume practice again on appeal. Electronic Frontier Foundation unsuccessfully fighting the NSL in 2005.

Having received the NSL, the provider gives information requested. By law, he has no right to tell the user about the fact of receipt of the letter NSL. Continue reading