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IntelChip maker Intel today announced the immediate availability of new low-power processors Intel Core i3 fourth generation. Here is the low-power chip consumes only 4.5 watts at reduced consumption mode .

Dual-core processor Core i3-4012Y is part of the new processors Haswell, it can work without an air cooling system in tablets and hybrid devices , providing on the one hand support 64- bit computing , and on the other – an economical power consumption. Currently tablets like Microsoft’s Surface Pro based on Intel Core chips offer users high performance, but not too much battery life.

Intel has claimed that the new Haswell chips on two cores offer twice the increased battery life compared to previous processors Intel Ivy Bridge. In addition, Intel claims that Haswell have a rich set of multimedia features, which positively affects the schedule, although the quality of the latter in 4.5 – watt mode leaves much to be desired. Continue reading

intel logoIntel Corporation in collaboration with Google and Microsoft is working on a new generation of low cost mobile devices that are to appear on the market since the third quarter of this year.

This week, commenting on the quarterly results of Intel, the head of the company, Otellini said that the most low cost devices based on Intel’s solutions and the Google Android operating system can cost about $ 200 or even slightly below the mark. He also noted that there are works on the new budget and devices based on Windows 8.

According to the Taiwanese Digitimes edition, Intel company in cooperation with Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Acer and Asus conducts development new generation of convertible laptops on the basis of Android. To market these devices must by the end of this summer. Continue reading

Intel and Apple chipsApple is now almost six years as it uses Intel processors in their desktops and laptops, but mobile solutions Apple – iPod, iPhone and iPad – have yet to have intel side. Now that may change. But this does not mean that future iPhone or iPad give up their chips and move to Intel Atom.

According to unofficial information, the top management of Intel in talks with his counterparts from Apple concerning the use of production capacity of the first to release the latest mobile processors. Today, Taiwan’s TSMC engaged hardware release of processors for the iPhone and iPad to order Apple.

Sources at Intel said the other day Suneet Rikhi, vice president of operations discussed with Apple the possibility and terms of cooperation in the field of mobile chips. It should be noted that independent analysts have said for months on whether this kind of cooperation, and in the first place for Intel. Continue reading

intel logoIntel introduced the 525 Series solid state drives, made in a compact form factor mSATA, with data rates of 6 Gb / s.

Dimensions of data storage is 8 times smaller than conventional hard drives 2.5-inch, making them the perfect solution for ultrabooks, tablets and embedded systems.

Intel 525 drives have become the latest addition to the family of Intel SSD 500 Series, designed for use in high performance systems. They have dimensions of 3.7 mm x 50,8 x 29,85 mm and a weight of 10, the use of the interface with the mSATA mini-plug PCI Express (PCIe) allows for high speed at the client drives Intel 520 series.

Thanks to the speed random access of up to 50 thousand I / O operations per second and sequential read – up to 550 Mbit / s, the performance of storage systems with Intel 525 series will increase significantly when running the most demanding applications and multitasking. In addition, the new model has a random write speed of up to 80 thousand I / O operations per second and sequential write speed of 520 Mbit / s, making it the fastest SSD interface mSATA. Continue reading

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