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PC Repair

How do you make sure that your PC is performing at its best? Here are some useful tips to help ensure that your computer is in good health.

Chances are that given the choice, spending so much a single cent on computer repair is something most would choose not to do. Not that high-the repairs ever cost anything close to pennies of course – they can be notoriously expensive and there’s often no guaranteed that the damage is even repairable.

This is precisely why the industry’s leading experts are constantly refreshing the call for both home and office PC users to become more proactive with care of their machines and not just sit idly by and watch them fall to pieces. Not only is it usually more than clear when a PC needs professional attention, but there are also dozens of good habits anyone can easily get into to prevent most everyday hardware and software maladies in the first place. Continue reading

information technologyLooking into the past…

Scientists have always been concerned with predictions of future technology development. But such visions are usually proven to be inaccurate or incomplete, especially if they are related to distant future. Pioneers of Computing predicted in the 1940’s that America will, in the coming decades, require only 4-5 powerful computers. 30 years ago, even the greatest visionaries did not have enough imagination to recognize the importance of networking, to predict the emergence of the global Internet network, and to consider social and cultural consequences that will arise from it. For all these reasons, it is hard to expect that we can now predict what the information technology and computing professions will be like in 20-50 years.

Looking into the future…

We live in a cyber-world. Younger generations have completely new competencies, knowledge and skills – they live and communicate in a different way. Jobs that existed yesterday, no longer exist today; those that exist today, will no longer be needed tomorrow. Can we predict what the labor market will look like in 2020, 2060? Continue reading

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