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Data SecuritySmall businesses are easy targets for cybercriminals, yet many don’t have security in place to protect their data. The cost is often the company itself.

Small businesses are just as vulnerable to data loss as large enterprises. In fact, small businesses may be at greater risk because they make easy targets. This is because their security is not as sophisticated as that in large businesses, as many small businesses, either due to cost constraints or lack of awareness, try to get away with the bare minimum of protection. Continue reading

Modern programmers poorly represent the real work of a computer system. Now program the information objects, rather than specific pieces of silicon.

For the vast majority of people who consider themselves programmers processor is a kind of phantom object, with some conventional characteristics and properties, the main criteria which are abstract Gigahertz, Core, Cache and the more of them the better. With this knowledge and limited. While there, they also know that Intel is better than AMD 🙂 ….

Actually such introduction was made only for one, to explain why technical documentation on architecture of computing systems isn’t interesting to bulk of programmers. What interest, such and level of a statement of a material. Lately technical documentation on the processor, chipsets, peripheral controlers became fragmentary, sometimes already slip also direct falsifications.

On the other hand, the real technical information passed in the category of confidential and sensitive information in some places. Access to it is open only to a select and trusted partners, and to other procedures for access is often the question is why do you need this? And as soon as he gets an answer, all contacts are terminated. Continue reading

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