OpenELECSaw the release of the distribution OpenELEC 3.0 (Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center), designed to create a home theater (HTPC – Home Theatre PC).

The basis used in the media center XBMC, which has a rich functionality and supports empowerment and connecting accessories. Size of the system image suitable for booting from USB-drive or SD-card is 163 MB. Additionally formed special assembly for Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA ION/ION2, AMD Fusion, HTPC based CPU Intel. OpenELEC is an offshoot of the existing Linux distributions and is based on their own developments.

In addition to standard features of XBMC, OpenELEC supports a number of advanced features designed to simplify the work of the maximum. For example, the result of a special configuration addition, allows you to configure the network connection, manage your LCD-screens, enable or disable the automatic installation of updates. In this case, all manipulations can be performed without a keyboard, only with the remote control. Out of the box distro supports features such as the use of the remote control (you can control as an infrared or via Bluetooth), the organization of a file sharing (integrated server Samba), built-in BitTorrent-client Transmission, automatic search and connection of local and external drives. Continue reading