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WebeeYou think of Home Automation and immediately think of the Jetsons in a far away future.

We’ll although this is an Industry that is still developing, having complete control of your appliances from wherever you are is a reality.

There are companies already in the market that offer control over your objects. However, though every one of them claims to be “smart”, that’s not always the case. Continue reading

Smart Home

With the new year approaching, many are seeking to purchase their first home. Some will go for smart homes. Here are 5 steps to do just that.

Remember when smart phones seemed too expensive, over the top and unnecessary? It really wasn’t that long ago. In today’s world, though, smart phones have become a staple in our daily lives and communication. Smart homes are going to follow a similar trend. Some people may see them as unnecessary or too high-tech, but in the near future, smart homesare going to take over the entire housing industry.

While home automation probably isn’t considered mainstream, it will be soon. With the latest technological updates and innovations in the home automation industry, it’s a bit surprising that smart homes aren’t more popular. Here are five things that you will need to help keep your house technologically modern: Continue reading

Home automation

Technology in the home is getting more popular, and is being integrated more into the design of new homes.

New home technologies seem to become strikingly more advanced every year. This is largely due to the growth of home automation, technology that allows homeowners to centralize the control of home functions. Home automation is meant to make home living faster, safer, more convenient and more energy efficient. Despite the growth of the industry, some people are hesitant to install features that will make their home feel more like a spaceship than an actual home. Companies have made it a priority to create sleek looking displays that are easily integrated into a tactful design. Technology can be overbearing, and many homeowners don’t want it to distract from the comfortable feel and atmosphere of their homes. Continue reading

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