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Hacking Games

In this article I have discusses whether altering games by hacking them is ethically correct or not.

Hackers are commonly characterised as people who only want to spread misery amongst people. This isn’t the case. Some hackers just want to make things easier for themselves. One use a hacker can get out of a game is by changing the gameplay mechanics so they effectively create an entirely new game.

Hackers have also gained a lot of negative attention from the ethical side of things. There are those who say changing games like this is ethically wrong. We explore whether this is the case or not.

We ask this question, whether this is ethical, or even legal. Continue reading

The War ZThe War Z Databases Hacked, Personal Data (E-Mails and Passwords) Stolen

Members videogame The War Z suddenly found that their personal data had been stolen during a burglary of servers, working to advance the project. Billing information remained intact.

OP Productions company said users of hacking their databases, as well as online forums. Now the studio is conducting a study of the break-in and tries to patch up the holes in the defense security.

Attacker to gain access not only to the email-addresses of users that they used to go to the forum, as well as passwords, which according to OP Productions is encrypted. There have also been kidnapped email-addresses, which are used by users to log into the game, gaming passwords, names of the characters, and even IP-addresses from which users access to The War Z. Continue reading

hackedComputer networks of three South Korean television and at least two banks were paralyzed during the coordinated attacks that occurred today.

Authorities in Seoul could not immediately determine the cause of computer errors. The Ministry of Defence refused to share guesses, could have appeared such attacks. All suspects North Korea.

“Reports of hacking came almost simultaneously, so we immediately sent to the affected campaigns our investigators,” – said the representative of the agency to combat cyber-terrorism in an interview with Yonhap News.

National broadcaster KBS, MBC and YTN reported breaking day, when they saw that their computer networks for no apparent reason stopped working. also affected and mounting hardware, which is directly reflected in the broadcasts. In addition, a similar problem arose in staff Shinhan Bank and Nonghyup Bank.

A few hours after the burglary, the representatives of South Korean intelligence accused Pyongyang of implementation of cyber-attacks in order to prevent the unrest and the effective work of the government. Continue reading

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