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Hacking Games

In this article I have discusses whether altering games by hacking them is ethically correct or not.

Hackers are commonly characterised as people who only want to spread misery amongst people. This isn’t the case. Some hackers just want to make things easier for themselves. One use a hacker can get out of a game is by changing the gameplay mechanics so they effectively create an entirely new game.

Hackers have also gained a lot of negative attention from the ethical side of things. There are those who say changing games like this is ethically wrong. We explore whether this is the case or not.

We ask this question, whether this is ethical, or even legal. Continue reading

Bitcoin ExchangeHave you ever heard of “Bitcoin”? They are a virtual currency that is used from the beginning of 2009 with open source.

Individual Bitcoin is calculated as cryptographic keys in a peer-to-peer networks.

It is one of their main advantages, since these keys can not be tampered with due to their unique characteristics.

Bitcoins, however, are similar to the regular currency. Virtual coins are simply stored on the media (such as hard drive, online storage or USB drive), but not in the wallet. As with any file on your hard drive, the one who has access to the media, also has access to your Bitcoins – like an open wallet lying anywhere. Continue reading

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