Cloud technologiesResearchers from Microsoft Research labs presented to the public innovative technology that will significantly reduce the power consumption of modern GPS-devices.

According to the developers, advanced GPS-chips consume too much power, and they appear to be the most “voracious” components of modern portable devices. Specified hardware module spends about 30 seconds to get from the satellite initial set of data required for the ‘rough’ positioning device.

To more accurately calculate the current position sensor need more information, to download that spend more precious resources. Microsoft employees are confident that moving to the “cloud” of individual CPU power helps to significantly reduce the energy consumption of these devices.

Researcher Liu Jie (Jie Liu) from Microsoft Research, and his colleagues have developed a system of GPS, which is just a few milliseconds to download the most important information from the satellite. The collected data are combined with the important information from publicly available online sources (such as the trajectory of the satellite) for the calculation of the last known coordinates of the device. It is important to note that the combination of data and the subsequent calculation of the location is on a remote server. Continue reading