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GooglePresented Portable Native Client to run platform-independent C / C + + programs in a browser

Google has announced a technology Portable Native Client (PNaCl), in which developed a multi-platform version of Native Client, allows you to run applications written in C and C + + in a special isolated environment web-browser, regardless of the current hardware architecture. PNaCl code is integrated into the experimental branch of Chrome 29. Continue reading

Google ChromeGoogle: Content-Agnostic Malware Protection (CAMP) – detection and blocking of malicious files for Chrome

Google introduced a system to detect and block malicious files are loaded and executed by users Google Chrome.

Developers Google has introduced Content-Agnostic Malware Protection (CAMP) to detect and block malicious files are loaded and executed by users in Google Chrome. According to researchers, the system efficiency is 99%.

CAMP analyzes and sorting of up to 70% of the files that are executed on the user’s computer for malware. Files that can not be determined, the system sends in online-services for further analysis. Continue reading

Google ChromeIn the week Google released a beta version of its browser Chrome 26.

If in the last week released version of Chrome 25 main novelty is the support level API JavaScript Web Speech, which allows developers to incorporate voice recognition into their applications and Web sites, in Chrome 26, is expected to become a new engine, which allows to check the spelling of input through web form text.

Rachel Patterson, Software Engineer Google, said that the new version of Chrome will be much improved system of body scanning, which will operate in a wide range of applications. At the same time, the company says that the spell checker has been extended by the addition of three new languages: Korean, Tamil and Albanian.

In addition, the company said that in the future are going to lead to a single standard language files between Chrome versions for different platforms, users will be able to diversify the system of checking texts. Continue reading

GoogleGoogle has launched the implementation of a new data compression algorithm Zopfli. The presented implementation of the compression system is compatible with the library zlib, gzip Provides support containers and deflate, and can act as a transparent replacement zlib.

The code is written in C and licensed under the Apache 2.0. Once the code is presented for compression, decompression can be done already existing implementations zlib. Zopfli also works at the bit stream with the methods of gzip, Zip, PNG and compression system requests HTTP.

Algorithm Zopfli notable higher compression ratio and can compress data by an average of 3-8% better zlib, while unpacking may be performed by any application that supports Deflate. Used in the method is Zopfli resursoemok and is based on an iterative modeling of entropy using the algorithm of finding the shortest path in the graph for the optimal representation of the compressed sequence from the set of options. Continue reading

Google online storesGoogle is close pondered on expanding its own presence in the traditional retail trade.

During the year, the company plans to open more of its own-brand stores in different cities around the world. Today, many of the company’s competitors already have their own shops.

They are, for example, the Apple, Sony, Nokia and Microsoft. In addition, all of these companies are also collaborating with traditional retailers and mobile operators by selling their products there too.

Sources say in the company, Google stores potential buyers to not only his own taste many notebooks under OS Chrome, to work with smartphones and tablets Nexus, but also see some experimental development of the Internet giant like Google Glases. Some stores will be other developments Google X Lab.

Today, Google has agreements with a number of major Western retailers such as Best Buys American network and a number of British retailers that not only sell products under the brand of Google, but also opened a special store demo zone where customers can try the products before buying . Continue reading

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