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Android Device For Collaboration

With the demise of BlackBerry, the smartphone market for business consumers has become a hotly contested one.

For a while, the main factor for large companies was the security of the device itself. BlackBerry has always been the industry leader in security features, which allowed them to stay alive far longer than they otherwise would have. Even today, many large corporations and government agencies continue to use BlackBerry devices for their perceived security benefits.

However, both Android and Apple’s iOS have made significant strides in the development of security features that are on par or better than BlackBerry’s. “While large companies and government agencies will be slow to adjust to this new reality”, Continue reading

What Can You Do In The Cloud?


First off, let’s set the record straight. When you hear someone talk about running applications “in the cloud” or purchasing “cloud storage,” do you envision something like an angel floating blissfully along playing a harp?


“The cloud” is nothing more (or less) than a computer other than the one you are reading this on. In other words: The cloud is the internet. Continue reading

Cloud Storage System

Traditionally, work created on a computer has been kept on hard storage methods: hard drive, disks, or in recent years, flash drives.

But as concerns about safety and efficiency, as well as affordability and technology, have increased, cloud storage has become more the norm. Cloud storage takes the same information that would usually be saved on the hard storage, and uploads it either to your own or a rented site server accessed by the internet.

Cloud storage has a limited amount of space and other features depending on the program being used, like the most widely familiar, Dropbox and Google Drive.

There are many reasons why using cloud storage is superior to old fashioned hard space, and these are ten of them: Continue reading

Google KeepGoogle launches Keep for personal notes Google today presented a new network service Keep, designed to allow users to keep it short personal notes and organize their own virtual desktop.

New Evernote-like service from Google is positioned as a simple method of organizing information that allows users to virtually place Keep in almost any data, including hand-written or recorded voice on the microphone.

Keep the presentation said that the new product is a central place to store all the thoughts, plans, notes, and reminders to the user. It should be noted that in the current version is already running Keep voice recognition system that can translate the text dictated notes. “With the Keep you can quickly write if you have any ideas, thoughts, and words, to provide additional materials,” – says Katherine Kuan, Software Engineer Google.

Today, Google announced that it has released a special widget for Android-Keep, so that users can quickly access the service from a mobile device. In Google also said that the new service is fully integrated with other products of the company, such as Google Drive, Docs and others. Continue reading

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