Google ChromeGoogle introduced release web-browser Chrome 26 is available for platforms Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

The browser is built on the code base Chromium open source project and is characterized by the logo Google, built-in Flash and PDF, the presence of notification in the event of failure, the system automatically updates and sending the search RLZ-parameters.

The new version is much improved proofing tools in the web-forms. Added check for grammar, homonyms and taking advantage of context web-service “Ask Google for suggestions”, offering the most suitable replacement options based on accumulated data and the use of the mechanisms used by the search engine Google to correct errors in the request. In particular, the new system is able to select an option from the likely meaning of the expression (a word can be written without errors, but not reflect the sense of, for example, instead of writing the “effect” of the word “affect”). Also, the system can detect confusion in writing people’s names. For all supported languages, updated dictionaries for spell checking. Possible to sync between different computers complementary dictionaries of words that have been added manually by the user. Continue reading