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Open SourceDevelopers declared a desktop environment of Hawaii achievement by the project of a condition of suitability to use.

Developers desktop environment Hawaii announced of a condition of suitability to use. According to the developers with the shell already can begin experimenting users.

Within the Hawaii project it is created new lightweight a desktop environment, Qt5 developed with use and the QtQuick 2 technologies, and based on Wayland protocol use. Initially, the project is developing its own, using the achievements Wayland, composite server Green Island, but eventually given the opportunity to work full-time, and on top of the composite server Weston. Additionally, the project developed: a file manager Swordfish, system configurator manager to work with files, terminal emulator, image viewer and manager EyeSight login. Continue reading

Cairo-DockPresented release Cairo-Dock 3.2, visually rich panel for launching programs, are used to organize the output library Cairo.

Cairo-Dock can run on any hardware, any window manager, integrating with most desktop environments, including acting as a replacement or supplement to the Unity, Gnome-Shell, Xfce-panel and KDE-panel. On modern systems use OpenGL and modern visual effects, and the legacy systems panel works in simple mode, consuming a minimum of resources.

With flexible enhancements are Cairo-Dock is not limited to running programs, allowing you to select plug-ins with the implementation of new visual effects and applets with the implementation of additional actions, such as a map of the state of the mailbox, sending and receiving instant messages, control of the media player, RSS-tracking tapes, view the status of torrent downloads, displaying weather, output assignments from a calendar planner, etc. Binary packages so far only available for Ubuntu and Debian GNU / Linux. Continue reading

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