GNOME 3.8After six months of development, officially launched production of desktop environment GNOME 3.8.

In preparation for the new version of 960 developers participated, compared with the previous release of 35,936 made the changes. To quickly view the capabilities of the new release prepared a special demo Live-distribution based on openSUSE.

Of the most significant changes in the new version include:

  • the components fallback-mode, instead of which now are offered a special set of additions to GNOME Shell;
  • redesigned Control Center settings, including a new panel to the new panel to control the parameters of privacy and sharing settings, go to expanding the use of X-XInput2;
  • Customization search overview mode and adding tabs to the most frequently used applications, integrate with OwnCloud;
  • implemented filtering system notifications added new applications for note taking with your photos and view the weather.

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