Open SourcePresented release platform for collaboration with the Git-repository GitLab 5.0.

In terms of features GitLab like GitHub, but is not tied to a particular service, available in source code under a free license, and you can deploy web-service project management-controlled on its server.

GitLab project was designed for organizations in corporate team development projects, as it allows without reference to the cloud vendor to deploy tools like Github Enterprise and Gitorious. Web-interface GitLab much like GitHub, but, nevertheless, do not copy it, but only repeats the most successful principles.

GitLab supports the creation of individual projects, bug tracking, processing of requests for adding code (working process is based on the processing of merge-requests), navigate the branches and tags, change control, reviewing code, multi-level access control, Wiki, exchange small pieces of code, visual analysis of the differences between the versions of the code repository branch visualization, and more. Continue reading