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Open SourceOne of the administrators of the infrastructure of the KDE project detail described what happened a few days before the incident, which could be called the “Great Disaster KDE 2013.”

As a result of the incident, the KDE developers had nearly lost the contents of the 1500 Git-repository project.

It all started with the damage to the contents Ext4 file system on the primary Git-server after a failed virtual machine is restarted after the updates are applied to one server project. An error occurred and the file system was the integrity of the primary Git-repository, the contents of which were destroyed and many data repositories lost. The situation began to resemble a disaster, when administrators began to restore data from a backup. The fact that the backup practices a mirror Git-repository. Fingering mirror administrators was terrified – mirroring managed system automatically synchronize the erroneous data on all secondary servers, content repositories, which have also fallen into disrepair or been removed. Continue reading

Open SourcePresented release platform for collaboration with the Git-repository GitLab 5.0.

In terms of features GitLab like GitHub, but is not tied to a particular service, available in source code under a free license, and you can deploy web-service project management-controlled on its server.

GitLab project was designed for organizations in corporate team development projects, as it allows without reference to the cloud vendor to deploy tools like Github Enterprise and Gitorious. Web-interface GitLab much like GitHub, but, nevertheless, do not copy it, but only repeats the most successful principles.

GitLab supports the creation of individual projects, bug tracking, processing of requests for adding code (working process is based on the processing of merge-requests), navigate the branches and tags, change control, reviewing code, multi-level access control, Wiki, exchange small pieces of code, visual analysis of the differences between the versions of the code repository branch visualization, and more. Continue reading

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