Open SourceExtension developers MultiPath TCP in the Linux kernel broke the speed record for the biggest bandwidth, which was able to demonstrate in a single TCP-connection.

As part of the experiment was achieved capacity 51.8 Gbit / s data transmission over a single TCP-connection. At that speed to transfer content to DVD quite 1 second, the disc Blu-Ray (25GB) – 5 seconds.

Technology Multipath TCP (RFC 6824) will organize the TCP-connection with delivery packages simultaneously on several different routes through the network interfaces that are bound to different IP-addresses. By applications such aggregated connection looks like a normal TCP-connection. Multipath TCP can be used to increase reliability, and to expand the capacity. As one of the practical applications of Multipath TCP for normal users mentioned the possibility of organizing the data on your phone, using both links WiFi and 3G. For server systems Multipath TCP can provide cost savings through the use of multiple low-cost links instead of one more expensive. Continue reading