Pitivi logoAfter two years since the last stable release, presented release non-linear editing system Pitivi 0.91, in which presented about 1,300 changes.

The video editor is written in Python using the library GTK + (PyGTK) and can work with all audio and video formats supported in GStreamer, including the format MXF (Material eXchange Format). Code licensed under the LGPL. Among the features are the support Pitivi an unlimited number of layers , preservation of complete history of transactions with the fallback , display thumbnails on the timeline support typical operations of video and sound.

Pitivi 0.91 is the first release that have transferred from the traditional engine Pitivi the use of GES (GStreamer Editing Services, a high-level API for plugins GNonLin), which expanded the possibilities and achieve noticeable increase in performance and stability. Daylight GES reduced the size of the code base Pitivi on more than 20,000 lines of code. In addition , the new version is made for adaptation toolkit GTK + 3.x and made ​​for porting API GStreamer 1.x. The implementation timeline translated using the widget GooCanvas, uses Cairo to draw on built-in toolkit Clutter. Continue reading