Digital forensics

Geo-tagging is a key part of images that can be used in many cameras and programs in London these days.

Geo-tagging is where an image will retain a series of geographical details. This is used as additional details to make it easier for people to figure out what is in a listing as the information is being posted in some way or another.

Geo-tagging is a key to validating information and to see where items came from. Digital forensics London often entails the use of geo-tag forensics to find clues relating to criminal investigations among other critical functions.

This function is particularly convenient in cases when GPS technology is utilized. Many portable devices that take photos have GPS receivers that can take in data with geo-tagging in mind. Therefore, it should be relatively easy to figure out where an image has come from by taking a look at the latitude, longitude and altitude readings that came from any particular forensics readout. Still, not all devices are going to be all that direct with regards to finding or listing information on where something might have been located at a given time. Continue reading