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Xbox2014 will be another exciting year for gaming as lots of exciting titles are awaiting their release dates.

However, the year isn’t confined to the release dates of games. A new lines of “steam machines” are also due for release this 2014, amongst which the steam box will be the most popular. You can consider it as a gaming PC that was designed to be connected to your TV. It will come with a controller like you have never seen before and will utilize a touch pad instead of the usual buttons and analogue sticks. Rumor has it that this will become the standard game pad for PC gaming very soon. What does that mean? – that PC gamers will go face to face against console users. Continue reading

Alienware X51Alienware and Dell introduced gaming PC based on Linux

Alienware, a division of Dell, specialized in manufacturing high-end PC for gamers, has presented the first model of a gaming computer, comes preloaded with Linux.

Model Alienware X51 is available in complete co specially adapted distribution Ubuntu 12.04, which are pre-fresh NVIDIA proprietary drivers and provided the ability to quickly install Linux-version of the client for the service delivery of games Steam.

As the advantages of Ubuntu is mentioned in the description of the model mix of style and ease of use, flexibility and openness, performance and security. Continue reading

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