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Three new Lumia smartphonesMicrosoft has announced three new Nokia Lumia smartphones – 830, 735 and 730, including a model with a low price tag, as well as two models which are suitable for Skype video calling due to the presence of the front cameras with high resolution.

All three new products were announced at the IFA 2014 in Berlin, the beginning of their sales is expected later this month.

According to the report the corporation, all three smartphones run on the basis of Windows Phone 8.1 and supplemented by proprietary Service Pack Lumia Denim EXCLUSIVE extensions for Lumia. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Round Vs. LG G FlexIf you can’t decide which curved smartphones to get then read our in-depth review here.

South Korea is playing host to the latest round in the ongoing slugfest between Samsung and LG, as both have brought their newest design innovations to market in the same month.

The Round and the Flex are both new takes on phone design, incorporating a curve that is meant to be more ergonomic and easier to hold, carry and use. Continue reading

Playstation 4As yet another generation of consoles emerge in the gaming world, the Playstation 4 once again seems set to lead!

All gamers know that the best time of year is coming, when the gaming giants Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft unleash their latest offerings to the gaming community, often to rapture and applause.

It’s been a tradition for some years now that Sony’s offering, the ‘Playstation’, leads its competitors in terms of pure processing power. Continue reading

10 Gadgets To Buy This Christmas

Christmas GadgetsLet’s look at the hottest gadgets this holiday season. Here are the 10 most interesting ones.

Christmas – the ultimate time of the year that’s perfect for shopping and finding some new gizmos that you can add either to your own personal collection or to a close friend’s. While many people can resist the urge to shop throughout the year, the Christmas spirit is one that is hard to compete with.

Everyone around you is doing the holiday rush and even if you really want to save money, it won’t be hard to convince you that you need to buy at least one thing that you really want. You’ve earned it anyway. Continue reading

The Best Superhero Gadgets

Superhero GadgetsIn this article we will discuss the best superhero gadgets from; optimus prime / batman / dr who and iron man.

Being a superhero must be pretty useful at the best of times, but most probably wouldn’t be able to handle the responsibility that comes with great power.

This is why the idea of having superhero gadgets close to hand seems like a better idea. And to be fair, there’s plenty out there that we’d love to have.

I saw a tech site cover this recently, so thought I would make a list of my own. Here are the ones that would definitely be worth having: Continue reading

tablet vs laptopLaptops and tablets have become two incredibly popular personal items that both young and older adults use on a daily basis, and for good reasons. Both are very.

Laptops and tablets have become two incredibly popular personal items that both young and older adults use on a daily basis, and for good reasons. Both are very convenient to have; unlike the desktop PC, where you have to sit upright in a chair to work on it, laptops and tablets can be operated by a person lounging in an easy chair or reclining in bed. For their ease of use and portability, they are quite valuable for any average person, as well as for elderly people and individuals with disabilities as well. What’s even more exciting is that there are laptops and tablets designed specifically for different kinds of users.

However, given so many options, deciding whether to purchase one or the other can be difficult. This article should help to simplify the problem for you. Continue reading

KDE Tablet VivaldiAaron Seigo, the main developer of KDE-shell Plasma, announced the delivery of the first copies of the KDE tablet Vivaldi for testing.

It turns out that on the same day as Canonical announcing Edge smart-phone, the first KDE Vivaldi tablets happened to be shipping. Currently, certification unit in EC / FCC has not yet passed, so the test samples are distributed in a narrow range of developers. Nevertheless, it is reassuring to know that the project is in a year of stagnation (originally, in the market has been scheduled for May 2012), off the ground.

Initially, the tablet from the KDE project planned to release on the basis of OEM-ready models from one of the Chinese manufacturers. Said device has a sufficiently mediocre performance and have difficulty organizational plan, so in the end it was decided using a different filling the hardware-based dual-core SoC and the screen of higher quality. The software is based on the user’s environment KDE Plasma Active and system components from the project Mer (a fork of MeeGo). Continue reading

Samsung ATIV Q tabletSamsung Electronics presented its new tablet Ativ Q, which stands out among the bulk of the currently existing on the market of such gadgets.

The illustrated device has a dual boot system and can operate on the basis of Android, and Windows 8. Device itself is quite large – it has a 13.3-inch screen, and wear your seat keyboard that makes the tablet very similar to the ultra-portable notebook. In addition, the business user device is equipped with a stylus.

Note that in just a few hours before the presentation Ativ Q, Samsung demonstrated a hybrid ultraportable laptop, which is also available at the same time as with Windows, and with Android. Continue reading

Google GlassesMembers embarrassed to wear Google Glass, and the owners of restaurants, casinos and other institutions already want to ban them.

While manufacturers of smartphones and tablets teach them not to break down in the water (like Sony), and wait for Apple’s magic hours, Google has developed an unusual gadget – augmented reality glasses Google Glass. The first batch of glasses (of 2,000 items), the company has released to the market in April this year. Continue reading

ApleTaiwanese online edition Digitimes, citing its sources in the environment of local electronics assemblers reports that Apple has begun to reduce the volume of orders for the production of tablets iPad Mini.

Recall that not long before several analyst firms have predicted the imminent collapse of the volume of orders.

So, Digitimes reports that the company AU Optronics, which supplies LCD panels for Apple iPad Mini in the current quarter to put the needs of the Apple 2,5-2,8 million panels, whereas in the previous quarter, the figure was 4,000,000 panels. Continue reading

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