Logitech G LineSwiss company Logitech today announced the launch of a new gaming product line Logitech G. It includes an advanced six mice and keyboards, as well as two new headsets.

The Logitech studied the interaction with the device in the palm of your hand while playing with infrared technology.

As a result, gamers can see some improvement in the engineering of new products. The individual tactile zones were marked special materials for convenience and reliability. Most places we processed contact oleophobic coating, which is not the prints. Place the palm of contact with the body hydrophobic, so the hand will not slip on the surface. Depending on the model, the mice have a soft or hard rubber inserts for enhanced comfort and control. The buttons at the new keyboard twice treated with ultraviolet light, so that the characters they do not wear out, and the body is covered with a composition that prevents fingerprints. Continue reading