CopyCopy – this is a new web-service that will provide owners of desktop computers and mobile devices the ability to store important files in the “online”, and quickly and securely share them online.

In order to assess the functionality of the proposed solution, users simply go to the page Copy and spend a few minutes to study a minimalist interface, web-application. File you want to send, you can drag the active area of ​​the page with the mouse cursor.

The selected object will be automatically uploaded to the server, and at the end of this process Copy generates a unique link to your file, which you can publish on your page on a social network or send to selected users by e-mail or instant messengers.

The recipient must insert the resulting URL into your browser and click Download to download the file to your hard drive, smartphone, or tablet. For basic functions Copy you will not need a personal account. However, the registration site guarantees a number of advantages, such as 5 GB of space on the server and the ability to sync content with cloud storage folders on the hard disk or in memory mobile. Continue reading