Avast! Free AntivirusAvast Free Antivirus is a free package that was created using the most advanced technology and designed to protect, early detection and blocking of various viruses, spyware or malware, which at the time in the world there are so many.

Avast Free Antivirus Key features

First of all, it should be noted immediately that Avast Free has an advanced system of protection and blocking potential threats through the use of technology AutoSandbox, which allow you to move suspicious files and incoming threats on a separate server in the so-called “sandbox.” The database of this package is quite large, and heuristic analysis detects a threat before it brings any damage data. The action package is not limited to Antivirus. It consists of several modules that autonomously monitors the computer.

The main component of the package is to display the file system, operating in real time. It keeps track of all the changes that are connected with the infected file. That is, a scanner.

Of course, you can not do without the screen-mail that monitors all incoming and outgoing messages, controlling the presence of viruses or unwanted spyware and malware. Continue reading