Falcongaze SecureTowerThe new version has implemented the ability to monitor data sent in the application Microsoft Lync, and using MAPI. In the current circumstances in the office space of any company there is a lot of data channels, it sorts mail agents, and customers to communicate in social networks, and multiple instant messengers.

In the absence of proper controls, these channels can become a path for leakage of personal or business data. The policy of total prohibition of the use of communication channels is not a solution, but rather creates additional difficulties, leaving employees to perform their job duties. That is why the company Falcongaze a fundamental principle of the system is SecureTower ever increasing number of controlled channels.

At this point, the system allows you to control many popular instant messengers that use instant messaging protocols OSCAR (such as ICQ / AIM), MMP (Mail.Ru Agent), MSN (Windows Messenger), XMPP / Jabber (such as Miranda, Google Talk, QIP Infium, PSI), YIM (Yahoo! Messenger), all text and voice messages in Skype and many others. Continue reading