According to the service, the new technology is running at about 1gb/16sek and can be executed in the browser Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Apple Safari. Developer Feross Abuhadzheh says that he created the project – it is a simple demonstration of the technology.

Powered by manipulating Web standards in HTML 5. Initially, the technology was designed to facilitate the handling of heavy content, placing the data on the user’s computer. This functional is also useful when working with large web forms and web games. In W3C, when the technology approved, said that developers should not abuse it, and browser makers should create zagoroditelnye barriers to protect their PCs, but the last of these barriers have not formed.

In Chrome, IE and Safari limits for downloading data, but they are working with limited: only for the sub-domains, but not the main domain name. Today, only Mozilla Firefox limits the loading of such data. Continue reading