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Boston tragedyThe company ESET, said that experts the antivirus laboratory ESET discovered spam using the tragedy in Boston to spread malware Win32/Kelihos.

In phishing emails that are sent by hackers, contained an invitation to view the video, which captures the explosion during a marathon in Boston.

Following the link in this letter, the user actually gets to the page with the video, but on the same page and is a malicious element that redirects to a set of exploits Redkit. With the help of this Exploits Kit is installed on the user’s computer malware detected by ESET solutions as Win32/Kelihos. Continue reading

Cyber CrimeMarch 20 specialists from the virus lab Eset found disguised newsletter spam messages, which tell about the situation with the tax on bank deposits of Cyprus.

We know that this topic literally blasted the media space, and gave ample ground for different speculations. Especially because at the time of Cyprus have not voted for the introduction of this tax (later it became known that the bill was rejected.)

“At the same time, we recorded the activity of the cybercriminals have also decided to use the situation in Cyprus and the hype around it for their own purposes. Attackers send letters on behalf of the BBC television with news headlines, designed to frighten the user and to convince him that a tax was approved in Parliament, “– says Artem Baranov, virus analyst Eset.

The letter contained a link, clicking on which the user is redirected to a page with a set of exploits BlackHole Exploits Kit, and then installing the Trojan Cridex (Win32/Cridex.AA). This program is usually used for theft of passwords and other confidential data. Continue reading

ESET NOD32 File SecurityESET NOD32 File Security – a new solution for file server protection

ESET company released a new product for File Servers – ESET NOD32 File Security, which is already available for purchase.

Solutions ESET NOD32 File Security designed to protect file servers running under Windows, Linux / BSD / Solaris.

  • ESET NOD32 File Security for Microsoft Windows Server

Specialized solution provides an efficient and reliable protection for file servers from all types of malicious programs for Microsoft Windows Server. Minimum system requirements for full integration with a single centralized management console.

System Requirements

Processor Architetsture:

Intel or AMD x86/x64

Required Operating Systems for Windows Server Version: Continue reading

NOD32 START PACKBasic computer security suite with Antivirus ESET NOD32 START PACK

The company ESET has released a new solution for home users on 1 PC for 1 year – ESET NOD32 START PACK.

New antivirus ESET includes basic features to protect your computer and provides the user can at any time carry out operations with a license in a special section on its website ESET.

Key Features Antivirus ESET NOD32 START PACK:

– Protect your computer from all types of Internet threats;

– High speed;

– Ideal for notebook;

– Easy to operate;

– Safety on social networks;

– Self-management licenses.

Antivirus contains all of the necessary components for a basic PC protection: anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-phishing, and control of removable media. Continue reading

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