Dragon naturally speakingDragon Naturally Speaking is much more than a simple speech recognition program, it has the ability to learn from its own mistakes and lets you launch programs.

Imagine Speech Recognition software with cutting-edge voice transcription and voice command that exhibits more competency and a lower number of errors the more it is used. Say hello to Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 from Nuance.

Dictaphone Transriptions

Being able to transcribe recordings can prove to be an incredible addition to your everyday life, making writing emails, keeping a diary, backing up information from that important lecture or meeting a much simpler and enjoyable task. This is because now you can produce audio voice recordings on the go with any recording device, and later transcribe them to text once you’re back in front of your computer. Iphone users can take great advantage of the Nuance app named ‘Dragon Dictation’ specially designed to turn your phone into a wireless microphone, capturing your thoughts as they flow and evolving them to text for either Mac or PC. Continue reading