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Ubuntu logoMark Shuttleworth, head of Canonical Ltd, said that Mir – developed by a new display server, which is planned as a replacement window system X Window System, is almost ready for release.

Mir technology will be included in the next version of the distribution Ubuntu Linux, which promised the fans of the operating system in October of this year.

The company Canonical Ltd announced the planned release of Mir in March, triggering a high-profile and discontent in the community, especially from developers Wayland – alternative and competing composite window manager, which has already managed to get support a few Linux distributions. Continue reading

Display Server MirAfter spending two weeks with Mir, you wll wonder why you didn’t employ its use sooner.

Mir runs very smoothly all-Intel Dell XPS laptops. Mir ensures that the speed in which Saucy changes increases and newer versions of Compiz and X land while Mir is still running. As compared to the direct handling of the hardware using X, you would discover that Xorg and Compiz require fewer CPU cycles and also utilize less memory.

This is not uncommon, the Mir team assures. Others have come to the same conclusion. The success of it is attributed to the efficiency in the buffering of requests leading to the hardware. An intended update to the PPA is projected to deal with any glitches that arise in Chromium. This should solve ensure the GPU is in top form. Continue reading

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