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MATE 1.6 desktop environment

After eight months of development release is available desktop environment MATE 1.6, in which the continued development of the code base GNOME 2.32 with preservation of the classical concept of the formation of the desktop.

The new version includes about 800 changes in the preparation of an edition was attended by 39 designers and more than 150 translators. Installation packages from MATE prepared for Arch Linux, Linux Mint, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Slackware, and openSUSE. Continue reading

Open SourceDevelopers declared a desktop environment of Hawaii achievement by the project of a condition of suitability to use.

Developers desktop environment Hawaii announced of a condition of suitability to use. According to the developers with the shell already can begin experimenting users.

Within the Hawaii project it is created new lightweight a desktop environment, Qt5 developed with use and the QtQuick 2 technologies, and based on Wayland protocol use. Initially, the project is developing its own, using the achievements Wayland, composite server Green Island, but eventually given the opportunity to work full-time, and on top of the composite server Weston. Additionally, the project developed: a file manager Swordfish, system configurator manager to work with files, terminal emulator, image viewer and manager EyeSight login. Continue reading

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