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Debian WheezyPresented the corrected release Debian 7.2, which includes all available package updates and corrected flaws in the installer.

Recall that from Debian Wheezy changed the numbering scheme releases – the first digit in the version number is now associated with significant releases , and the second with corrective updates.

Installing assemblies are available for download. The assemblies are designed for new installations. The systems previously installed and maintained up to date, get updates present in Debian 7.2 via original install updates. Included in Debian 7.2 fixes security issues are available to users as updates are released through the service security.debian.org. Continue reading

Linux-Mint-15Linux Mint Debian Edition: Update Pack 7 was released as the “latest” update pack yesterday.

A new version of the assembly of alternative distribution Linux Mint – Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) Update Pack 7, made on the basis of Debian Testing packages ( classic Linux Mint is based on packet- based Ubuntu).

In addition to using Debian packages, LMDE important difference from the Linux Mint is the constant upgrade cycle packages (model of continuous updates : semi-rolling release), in which the packages updates come out constantly and the user at any time has the ability to go to the last versions. Continue reading

Linux News TodayArch Linux distribution is carried out the transfer of all the executable files in / usr / bin

Arch Linux developers have warned users about the need for manual intervention in the next update distribution. When you upgrade, users will see an error due to a conflict of directories due to the transfer of all executable files from the directory / bin, / sbin and / usr / sbin in a single directory / usr / bin.

The above change will get rid of confusion with the location of files and simplify maintenance packages. Read More

Continue reading

Open SourcePresented release Debian GNU / Hurd 2013 edition of distribution Debian 7.0 “Wheezy“, combining the software environment Debian c core GNU / Hurd.

GNU Hurd serves as a replacement kernel for Unix, designed in the form of a set of servers running on top of the GNU Mach microkernel and implement various system services such as file systems, network stack, the system control access to files. GNU Mach microkernel provides IPC-mechanism for interaction that is used for the organization of interaction of components of GNU Hurd and the distributed multi-server architecture. Continue reading

Debian WheezyThe developers of the operating system Debian Linux yesterday announced the release of the seventh stable release Debian Wheezy 7.0, where has been improved support for multi-arch and new tools for the deployment of private cloud computing.

In addition, in the new product has been redesigned installer operating system and added new multimedia codecs in the main repository, which eliminates the need for users to work with repositories of third suppliers. Continue reading

Open SourceThe administration of Extremadura, an autonomous region of Spain, starts the process of transfer to the Linux and free software jobs in government, which is currently used Windows.

It is planned to move to Linux about 40,000 computers, and for most of the systems migration plan to complete before the end of the year. According to the administration of Extremadura, the transition to Linux will save 30 million euros per year.

Last year was a complete inventory of all software used on workstations state institutions, and developed a detailed plan for migration. To implement the project prepared by the distribution Sysgobex, based on packet-based Debian GNU / Linux and adapted for use in state institutions. Continue reading

MATE 1.6 desktop environment

After eight months of development release is available desktop environment MATE 1.6, in which the continued development of the code base GNOME 2.32 with preservation of the classical concept of the formation of the desktop.

The new version includes about 800 changes in the preparation of an edition was attended by 39 designers and more than 150 translators. Installation packages from MATE prepared for Arch Linux, Linux Mint, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Slackware, and openSUSE. Continue reading

Open SourceBackports repository integrated into the main archive of Debian packages

Developers of service backports.debian.org, and which succeeds in forming packages with latest version for the already released versions distro Debian, announced the achievement of significant milestones in the development of a new service – backports repository is now included in the official repository of packages Debian.

Thus, the repositories wheezy-backports, squeeze-backports and squeeze-backports-sloppy now available as part of the basic package pools, whereas before it spread apart.

Adding Backports packages with new versions will now be similar to the addition of conventional packages within the main download queue using a single set of verification keys that simplify the work of developers, maintainers backporting. A positive aspect is also an involvement for delivery backports main mirror network project. Wheezy for users associated with backporting infrastructure changes require changes file sources.list – the connection string wheezy-backports should be brought into the form: “deb http_://ftp.debian.org/debian/ wheezy-backports main”, i.e. instead of “debian-backports” now is specified the main archive “debian”. Continue reading

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