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DDoS attackIt is no secret that DDoS attacks are responsible for the vast majority of website failures, security breaches, and shutdowns.

Nearly every website today is protected from such attacks by means of a DDoS mitigation system which can identify a threat to your website and neutralize it before a full-blown attack can occur.

A typical DDoS mitigation system works by automatically distilling, analyzing, and comparing millions of streaming data points against standard DDoS attack metrics. Continue reading

DDoS AttacksDDoS attacks have been on the rise over the last few years, and have affected some of the most well-known financial and banking institutions in the country.

While hacking has always been a problem for website administrators, DDoS attacks are a newer weapon in the arsenal of internet hackers. The problem with DDoS attacks, apart from the damage they can cause, is that they are very hard to trace. Hackers can remotely control huge networks of botnets, directing them to attack target websites. Because they use millions of these zombie troops, hackers can afford to take their time and be more patient with a DDoS attack. Continue reading

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