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Latest security threatsFailing to make digital security and data integrity a paramount concern is a common mistake that could end up costing businesses a great deal.

When it comes to running a successful business data security is essential. Recent reports indicate that as many as 40 percent of companies may have suffered a data breach at some point in the past.

The following four tips offer proven and effective methods for enhancing online security and ensuring sensitive data is able to be kept safe and secure. Continue reading

data securityThe information that you put online could be accessed by almost anybody if you don’t take steps to protect it.

This means that your social security number, your bank account details or even information about your children could be out there for everyone to see.

It’s important that you keep yourself safe from harmful online predators. Continue reading

Data BreachesThe internet is a perfect place for thieves to attacks.

The Target data breach that took place during the 2013 holiday season served to kick off an entire year of major security problems for everyone from retail stores to hospitals.

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that personal data is at risk in nearly every public transaction. Continue reading

European Cloud ComputingAs 2013 drew to a close, European Commission vice-president Neelie Kroes published an article intended to be a landmark pointing the way ahead for the European Union’s regulatory authorities on the issue of cloud computing.

In her paper, she described as “shocking” the extent of online spying and surveillance, and labelled personal privacy as “a fundamental right”. But she also said that the old-fashioned ways of preventing spying – by passing laws – would not work in the technological age, because those looking to find methods of achieving their ends using technology would not be stopped from doing so, and would constantly be one step ahead of the law enforcement agencies. Continue reading

Data SecuritySmall businesses are easy targets for cybercriminals, yet many don’t have security in place to protect their data. The cost is often the company itself.

Small businesses are just as vulnerable to data loss as large enterprises. In fact, small businesses may be at greater risk because they make easy targets. This is because their security is not as sophisticated as that in large businesses, as many small businesses, either due to cost constraints or lack of awareness, try to get away with the bare minimum of protection. Continue reading

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