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www.ctrls.comCenter of Excellence (CoE) is created in organizations to build capabilities that deliver value for businesses and promotes a culture of knowledge management within the organization.

CoEs are also called centers of expertise depending on the focus and scope of business. The focus areas of CtrlS data centers include enterprise information management, data integration, storage, disaster recovery, information delivery, analytics, certain specific technologies such as SAS, ERP, Oracle, etc., along with specific business functions. In this article, the benefits, roles and responsibilities of CoE established in CtrlS Data Centers is highlighted. This will help us to gain understanding on how CoEs are important for providing value to an organization. Continue reading

cPanel reset passConsidering the relentless innovations in the web world, it is not hard to deduce the spectacle of internet hosting precedents or services.

They are organically linked to web hosting services, which permit organizations and individuals to make their respective websites accessible through the World Wide Web mechanism.

These web hosts are concerned companies which allocate space or volume on a particular server leased or owned by clients. They are also used by internet connectivity or service providers within a data center. Continue reading

New Data CenterLast week, a number of U.S. media reported that in the state of Iowa is building a major new data center, the owner of which was unknown, and no official information about the new project was not.

This in turn has generated a lot of rumors about who it could be. Not surprisingly, there were three major candidates – Facebook, Google and Apple, each of which could theoretically be the operator of a new data center with a project cost of 700 million dollars.

However, the rumors were not confirmed and Sunday evening at the official site of the authorities state there is evidence of the beneficial owner of the data center of the future. As appears from the official publication, the new data-center in the city of Des Moines (Iowa) will belong to Microsoft and the company will enclose in it 680 million dollars. Continue reading

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