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Boston tragedyThe company ESET, said that experts the antivirus laboratory ESET discovered spam using the tragedy in Boston to spread malware Win32/Kelihos.

In phishing emails that are sent by hackers, contained an invitation to view the video, which captures the explosion during a marathon in Boston.

Following the link in this letter, the user actually gets to the page with the video, but on the same page and is a malicious element that redirects to a set of exploits Redkit. With the help of this Exploits Kit is installed on the user’s computer malware detected by ESET solutions as Win32/Kelihos. Continue reading

McAfee Threats Report

Antivirus company McAfee released a report on threats to Q4 2012. According to the report, the focus shifted to sophisticated attacks: previously had threatened the financial industry, and now the scammers are becoming increasingly interested in other important areas of economic activity.

In the attack uses a range of new tactics and technologies that bypass the security standards in the industry. Continue reading

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