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Bitcoin ExchangeExchange Mt. Gox, which takes 80% of all exchange transactions in a pair of USD-BTC and 70% of total trade Bitkoin in the world, suffered in the morning on April 4 powerful DDoS-attack.

Many traders are faced with delays of transactions or not to go to the site.

Representatives of Mt. Gox believe that the attack was organized to cause panic in the market and thus bring down the rate Bitkoin, then buy a large amount bitkoins on the cheap. Crypto-currency is growing at an unprecedented pace and is already trading at 130 – 140 dollars for a single “coin.” Increased dramatically and the number of registrations of new traders on the exchange – if last year MtGox.com registered about 10,000 new users per month, in March, there were already 60,000, according computerworld.com. Continue reading

BitcoinDigital currency Bitcoin has recently attracted a lot of attention for obvious reasons: the course BTC two months rose from $ 20 to $ 105, while the European Union are discussing whether to apply the experience of Cyprus in other countries, where the crisis situation develops.

Some believe that the partial withdrawal of the deposits of the population – is a normal method of the public debt, something like the income tax. BusinessWeek magazine recently wrote that, in such circumstances, Bitcoin may be the last haven for the savings of personal finance. Continue reading

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