Kaspersky Lab Corporate AntivirusKaspersky Lab on the eve of the United States presented its new security solutions for small and medium businesses.

As they say in the company’s modern users in companies have to deal with and a variety of devices and different by nature of the threats that were taken into account in the latest generation of products Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business. Here, the developers, in particular, take into account the growing popularity of mobile platforms and newfangled concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

The new generation of products, such as the developer says, will allow one hand to protect the company from a wide range of threats, and on the other – not too complicate life for enterprise IT administrators as well as much of the work on monitoring, identifying and blocking threats product performs without interference .

In Kaspersky Lab say that the new line series Endpoint can also detect sophisticated cyber threats, such as Flame, Gauss or Red October, which have a limited distribution, but for the target users are dangerous. Continue reading