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Computer RepairWhat is the real cost of professional computer repair? Should you fix it yourself or not? Finally, what to do before you bring your computer in for repair.

Many people view their computers as others do their phones; it’s something they can’t live without. This is especially true when you use your computer for work. If this is you, then you are likely familiar with the feeling of panic when something goes wrong with your machine. Of course, the first hope is that you can fix it yourself. Because you can’t afford the cost to have someone else look at and repair your computer for you. Or can you? Continue reading

Computer HelpHow do you know when to fix a computer problem yourself, and when you need an expert? Find out here!

As the owner of a PC or laptop you are probably no stranger to technical issues. Whether these issues are the cause of a virus that you have since managed to resolve or quite simply as a result of an accidental spill of liquid or drop on the floor…

There will always be times when it makes sense for you to try and resolve your computer issue yourself rather than get a professional involved, however, computers are expensive pieces of equipment so if you are ever in any doubt, always call in the computer support expert. Continue reading

LaptopCharles Darwin spoke about the survival of the fittest. The tongue-in-cheek Darwin Awards are given to people who couldn’t survive because of the stupid mistakes that they made.

It is time to extend Social Media Darwin Awards to consumers who make crazy and illogical choices that lead to the destruction of their laptops, tablets, iPads, and mobile phone devices. As these machines take over our society, the number of ways to stupidly destroy them has grown. Continue reading

PC Repair

How do you make sure that your PC is performing at its best? Here are some useful tips to help ensure that your computer is in good health.

Chances are that given the choice, spending so much a single cent on computer repair is something most would choose not to do. Not that high-the repairs ever cost anything close to pennies of course – they can be notoriously expensive and there’s often no guaranteed that the damage is even repairable.

This is precisely why the industry’s leading experts are constantly refreshing the call for both home and office PC users to become more proactive with care of their machines and not just sit idly by and watch them fall to pieces. Not only is it usually more than clear when a PC needs professional attention, but there are also dozens of good habits anyone can easily get into to prevent most everyday hardware and software maladies in the first place. Continue reading

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