A team of scientists from University College London (UK) announced the development of a fundamentally new computer architecture, free from the failures and deadlocks.

It is based on algorithms borrowed from the natural chaotic systems. Computer based on an architecture (the developers call it «systemic», ie, the “system-wide”) can reprogram themselves to adapt to the actual conditions of work and to continue working in the failure of one or more components.

“Out of chaos arises order”: this statement is usually looks like a beautiful but useless in practice axiom. However, a team of scientists led by Peter Bentley (Peter Bentley) has found a way to turn an abstract formula as the basis for trouble-free computer. Take, for example such as autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) – a flying robot with a computer can quickly change its action, coping with those obtained in the course of battle damage. There are other uses for the new computing architecture, including the development of more realistic models of the human brain. Continue reading