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ContextinatorUsers of the browser Chrome, which by occupation has to deal with dozens or even hundreds of open tabs, should pay attention to the useful extension Contextinator.

This free tool will enable the effective management of the tabs help you quickly find interesting material and will not allow “drown” in the flow of information.

The application boasts exceptional ease of use and allows you to save all the tabs opened in the current session in a separate “project”. You can also use a variety of additional tools, for example, to conduct a neat list of tasks and manage contacts. Contextinator also provides for notifying the user of new messages received at the specified email address. All the data is relevant to the current project will be displayed on the main page. Continue reading

Google ChromeIn the week Google released a beta version of its browser Chrome 26.

If in the last week released version of Chrome 25 main novelty is the support level API JavaScript Web Speech, which allows developers to incorporate voice recognition into their applications and Web sites, in Chrome 26, is expected to become a new engine, which allows to check the spelling of input through web form text.

Rachel Patterson, Software Engineer Google, said that the new version of Chrome will be much improved system of body scanning, which will operate in a wide range of applications. At the same time, the company says that the spell checker has been extended by the addition of three new languages: Korean, Tamil and Albanian.

In addition, the company said that in the future are going to lead to a single standard language files between Chrome versions for different platforms, users will be able to diversify the system of checking texts. Continue reading

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