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Computex-2013Recent years, the company Advanced Micro Devices saw its products as solutions for Windows-oriented products, but now it is not so, and AMD opens the door for Android, Chrome OS and tablets in general.

Lisa Su, general manager of business development AMD, today at Computex-2013 stated that AMD Expands Support for operating systems starting to produce hybrid solutions for x86-ARM platform in the coming year.

According to her, as the company is expanding the program to produce customized chips and will offer its expertise to manufacturers tablets based on Android, ChromeOS and others in the field of chip design and integration. According to unofficial data, now AMD has had similar experience, because the chips the company will work with the new version of the game console Xbox One. Here, a modified version of the processor with integrated graphics component. Continue reading

Google NotebookThe operator of the world’s largest Internet search engine Google today presented its own branded laptop is running Chrome OS, and using the touch screen.

New competition in the market with new solutions Microsoft Surface and Apple iPad.

In Google reported that in the U.S. today starts selling WiFi-version Pixel Chromebook for $ 1300. Version with support for LTE-networks (and WiFi) will appear in April and will be sold in the U.S. for $ 1,450. The company did not report about when the laptop based on Chrome will appear in the global market.

Today, Google is the leader in the mobile market with its operating system, Android, Chrome but the system is still untapped and misunderstood in the market. In the past, Google released smartphones and tablets based on the operating system Android, but never itself did not release devices based on Chrome OS. This OS as soft stuffing for the devices used by the company Acer, Samsung and Hewlett-Packard, sell cheap “hrombuki” at a price of $ 200. Continue reading

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