GoogleRelease web-browser Chrome 28 with the increase of minimum requirements for the Linux-based system

The browser is built on the code base open source project Chromium and characterized by using the logos of Google, built-in Flash and PDF, the presence of notification in the event of failure, the system automatically updates and transmission when looking RLZ-parameters.

The main changes:

– Dropped support for older releases Linux-distributions, including Chrome 28 now can not be used in RHEL 6 and Debian 6 (Squeeze). Minimum requirements for distributions raised to Ubuntu 12.04 +, Debian 7 +, OpenSuSE 12.2 + and Fedora Linux 17 +. Improving the system requirements due to the termination of support in Chrome and Chromium older versions of the library GTK +, younger version 2.24; Continue reading