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Endian Firewall CommunityAfter two years of development, The Endian development team has announced the release of Endian Firewall Community 3.0, built based on CentOS and intended to create firewalls.

The distribution includes a comprehensive set of tools to protect the network from external threats (UTM – Unified Threat Management), such as a packet filter with stateful , funds for anti-virus scanning HTTP/FTP/POP3/SMTP traffic system content filtering tools to protect phishing and spam, SSL / TLS VPN, intrusion detection system . Control system via the web- interface or command line. Size of the boot iso-image – 217 MB. Continue reading

CentOS 6Saw the release distro CentOS 6.4, based on packet-based Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4, and develop independent community.

Following the initiative to increase the efficiency of a new version of security update CentOS came a little more than two weeks since the release of RHEL 6.4. In CentOS packages from different repositories RHEL, for example, from the server and from the desktop version, combined into a single package repository and apply a mounting kit. Distribution is 100% binary compatible with RHEL, changes made to the package as a rule limited to the rebranding and changing the decoration.

CentOS 6.4 is available for i386 and x86_64 in the form of DVD-assembly, LiveCD, LiveDVD, the minimal install image (300 MB) and a reduced image for network installation – netinstall.iso (200 MB). SRPMS packages and are available through debuginfo vault.centos.org. In late August, will provide beta CentOS platform for PowerPC. Continue reading

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