CentOS 6Saw the release distro CentOS 6.4, based on packet-based Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4, and develop independent community.

Following the initiative to increase the efficiency of a new version of security update CentOS came a little more than two weeks since the release of RHEL 6.4. In CentOS packages from different repositories RHEL, for example, from the server and from the desktop version, combined into a single package repository and apply a mounting kit. Distribution is 100% binary compatible with RHEL, changes made to the package as a rule limited to the rebranding and changing the decoration.

CentOS 6.4 is available for i386 and x86_64 in the form of DVD-assembly, LiveCD, LiveDVD, the minimal install image (300 MB) and a reduced image for network installation – netinstall.iso (200 MB). SRPMS packages and are available through debuginfo vault.centos.org. In late August, will provide beta CentOS platform for PowerPC. Continue reading