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Project EdgeIn Canonical said that despite the death of Project Edge, which never came into existence, the company is still set to innovation and believes that it is “advanced mobile innovations” will be decisive for the next few years.

Jane Silber, CEO of Canonical, said that before the start of production of the project Edge smartphone gleaning $19 million, but the team of programmers working for Canonical and focused on mobile technology, will continue to design the Ubuntu-like software for smartphones and tablets. She also noted that the company will work hard to ensure that Ubuntu users get the best of the three operating systems – Linux, Android and Windows to work in the daily routine. Continue reading

Ubuntu logoThe company Canonical has published a report with details of the recent hacker attack on the Ubuntu forums, which resulted in the attackers took control of the credentials of the 1.8 million users.

“On July 14, 2013 the malefactor managed to get access to the account of one of the forum moderators. This was a moderator right to post on the forum announcements, which may contain HTML-code “, – the report says.

Swindler posted on the forum announcement with malicious JavaScript-insert, and then sent private messages to three forum administrators, reporting the alleged server’s error on the page of announcements. One of the administrators decided to check the announcements page, found nothing suspicious and said false moderator personal message. Subsequently, an attacker logged on as an administrator, having received full access to the ambiance of vBulletin. Continue reading

Ubuntu EdgeYesterday, Canonical introduced a project to develop the Ubuntu Edge smartphone. The company unveiled its plan on Indiegogo, and it’s a rather expensive one at that.

To realize the project a reality in 30 days to raise $ 32 million. Upon successful completion of the campaign, the first batch of 40,000 units, will come to users in May 2014. It should be noted that there is still the record for the fund as a result of the project is crowdfunding Pebble smartwatch, who was able to collect about $ 10 million on Kickstarter. Canonical hopes to break the record three times and attract 40,000 participants. To pre-order the device offered to pay 810 dollars, tomorrow acts reduced price – $ 600. Addendum: for the first 4 hours after the announcement has already collected nearly a million dollars. Continue reading

Ubuntu 13.04South African company Canonical has officially unveiled a new release of its famous distro Ubuntu Linux 13.04. Ubuntu 13.04 is now faster and more efficiently by adapting to smartphones.

Thanks to intensive work on the adaptation to the new Ubuntu platform form factors, including smartphones and tablets, the desktop version of Ubuntu 13.04 has also become much more efficient in terms of energy consumption, the load on working memory and speed of loading. Continue reading

Ubuntu logoCanonical company and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China announced on using Ubuntu as a reference architecture for operating systems in China.

Ubuntu-based architecture will serve as a base for the construction of flexible, open, ubiquitous and standardized operating systems in China. For the development of these systems in Beijing established a development center CCN Open Source Innovation Joint Lab, in which will be attended by representatives of Canonical and the National University of Defense Technology of China.

The base of the product being developed for the Chinese users will be Ubuntu Kylin, who earlier this month was recognized officially supported Ubuntu edition and will be released simultaneously with the release of other branches of the official Ubuntu. Ubuntu Kylin different integrated support for Chinese language and Chinese calendar, as well as a focus on the preferences of Chinese users, including integration with the Chinese online-services.

According to Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu Kylin project gives China an opportunity to create their own secure and stable operating system, developed in conjunction with the global community of developers Ubuntu. The combination of proven technology in Ubuntu with a mature ecosystem and strong OEM / ISV-partners will CCN Open Source Innovation Joint Lab to bring these benefits to the Chinese people on the whole range of available platforms, including desktops, tablets, smartphones, servers and cloud systems. Continue reading

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