Open SourcePresented the first alpha release of the free version of the office suite Calligra for Android.

The development is within the recently initiated project Coffice, aimed at creating a version Calligra for mobile platforms such as Android, Blackberry 10, Jolla SailfishOS and Ubuntu Phone. Set the finished assembly mobile version of the catalog can be Calligra Google Play. Build size is 2.5 MB (without Qt). To install and operate the Qt-library of additional software needed Ministro.

In the first phase of its development Coffice growing company like Nokia document viewer for smartphone N9, and currently includes only interface to view ODT-documents, based at the Calligra Words. In the second phase will integrate support the formats doc / docx and allow editing of documents. Going forward porting spreadsheet Calligra Sheets and programs to work with presentations Calligra Stage. Continue reading